EWS Youth! Auditions


Auditions are open to any students who meet the following criteria:

  • Students who will be in grades 8 through 12 or college freshmen during the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Students who play wind instruments, percussion instruments, or string bass.
  • Students must be in good standing with their school band program and receive the endorsement of their school band teacher (or private teacher if the school does not have a band program).
  • All EWS Youth! Band members from a previous year are welcome back to the group for the current season, but must still register for an audition for purposes of seating determination.

Auditions for the spring 2023 season will be conducted via video uploads.  Directions for uploading audition videos will be sent once registered.

Annual tuition is accepted by cash, check (made out to EWS) or through Paypal.

Use this button to pay the annual tuition through paypal ($315 plus $5 convenience fee).




The tuition and audition fee for the spring 2023 season will be a total of $315.  This should be paid only after acceptance to the band.  Payment is accepted as cash, check (made out to EWS), or through paypal at the link below (includes $5 service charge)

  •  For all returning EWS Youth! Band members, we want you to help us recruit new musicians!
  • Invite your friends to audition for the EWS Youth! Band.  For each new person who auditions, is accepted into the band, and lists a current member as their referral (prior to or at the time of audition), that current member will gain a $20 tuition discount for this season.
  • Each new applicant can only list one current member as a referral.  Current members can receive multiple referral discounts, up to the total 2022 tuition amount.
EWS Youth! Band Audition Requirements

Please prepare the following for a video audition submission on a wind instrument for the EWS Youth! Band.  There is no live audition component this year. You should submit a total of one (1) video per instrument you are auditioning on that contains all of the following, performed to the best of your ability. Please review your video before submitting to ensure that all components can be heard clearly in the video.  Students may audition on more than one instrument but will only be accepted to play one instrument for the season.

  • At the start of the video, state clearly your full name and the instrument you are auditioning on. For each requirement listed below, be sure to state what you are about to play on video before continuing:
    • Select 2 excerpts of your choice that have contrasting styles. Excerpts should demonstrate your technical proficiency as well as your musicianship.  Each excerpt should be about 30 seconds – 1 minute in length.
    • Perform 1 flat major scale and 1 sharp major scale of your choice.  Please choose scales that demonstrate your ability level.  Scales should be performed at a tempo that demonstrates your technical ability.
    • Perform a chromatic scale of your choice. Please demonstrate your range on the instrument.



APPLY HERE for 2022 EWS YOUTH! band Auditions