Youth Band Auditions


Auditions are open to any students who meet the following criteria:

  • Students who will be in grades 9 through 12 during the 2017 – 2018 school year.
  • Students who play wind or percussion instruments (including string bass).
  • Students must be in good standing with their high school music program and receive the endorsement of their high school music teacher (or private teacher if a school music program is not available).
  • All EWS Youth Band members from a previous year are welcome back to the group for the current season, but must still register for an audition to determine seating requirements.
  • 2 contrasting excerpts of your choice (each should be 1-2 minutes long)
  • Major scales up to 5 sharp/flats
  • Chromatic Scale
  • There is a non-refundable $15 audition fee for all students.  This is payable through paypal when filling out the audition application.  If the student does not complete the audition for any reason, the amount will be refunded, minus paypal fees.
  • For those students accepted into the ensemble, the annual tuition is $310.

To request an audition, please complete the form below. Once information has been submitted and reviewed, we will contact you prior to the auditions to schedule an audition time (contact in Jan. 2018).  Auditions for the Spring 2018 concert season will be held on a rolling basis through April 14.  You will be contacted to schedule a time, date, and location once you have submitted your form.

  • (If no band program in school, private instructor's name is sufficient)
  • If you are auditioning on more than one instrument, only one fee is required. If you do not pay online, you will be expected to bring the fee at the time of the audition. If you do not complete the audition, the fee will be refunded. (All auditions require payment of the audition fee, including returning members auditioning for seating placement.)