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Elements was recorded by the Eastern Wind Symphony in June 2018 and includes the following titles:

Suite of Old American Dances – Robert Russell Bennett
The Battle of Shiloh – C.L. Barnhouse
Affirmation – Wayne Oquinn
Short Ride in a Fast Machine – John Adams, transcribed by Lawrence Odom
Symphony No. V “Elements”- Julie Giroux

EWS owes a debt of gratitude to the wonderful people who helped make this CD possible, including but not limited to Daniel Van Abs, Julie Giroux, and the 25th Century Foundation, who were all fundamental to supporting this endeavor.

Symphony No. V “Elements” is dedicated to the memory of a very special woman, Patricia Page Van Abs. Patty lived her life as a capable, strong-willed, and compassionate mother, wife, and professional. Julie Giroux received the commission due to our admiration for her compositions. Our family has been connected with the Eastern Wind Symphony from its founding, and so its wonderful musicians performing the world premiere and this first recording. “Elements” channels Patty’s love for life, music, and nature. It is an exceptional work – beautiful, complex, emotional, and soaring. Now it is time to let it fly into the repertoire.  – Daniel J. Van Abs


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Resurgence was recorded by the Eastern Wind Symphony in June 2013 and includes the following titles:
Red Tail Skirmish – Bruce Yurko
Serenade for Band – Vincent Persichetti
The Solitary Dancer – Warren Benson
Give Us This Day – David Maslanka
Adagio – Joaquin Rodrigo
His Honor – Henry Fillmore
Mannin Veen – Haydn Wood


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